Increasing Your Fertility with Holistic Therapies

My journey with natural fertility began when I got pregnant with my first daughter Setareh in 2009. During that time, I was half way through my acupuncture graduate studies at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. I had a great fascination in treating women’s health, but I never imagined being pregnant and having to finish my program in the remaining two years.

I was unaware of the beauty of my situation – that my timing of conceiving couldn’t be more perfect. I was newly married to a wonderful man and I had access to many valuable resources such as affordable weekly acupuncture, childbirth classes and incredible supervisors and supportive friends.

After my first trimester of pregnancy, I had a huge epiphany. The epiphany was that one year prior to conceiving, I felt the need to change my diet, try Ayurvedic herbs and get weekly acupuncture treatments to reduce my anxiety and stress in graduate school. I eliminated all alcohol, caffeine and followed a basic Ayurvedic diet for my dosha. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medicine with an emphasis on eating right for your body type, taking natural herbs and lifestyle changes. I was seeing an amazing Ayurvedic doctor in San Diego who specialized in women’s health.

All these changes had INDEED contributed to my natural fertility. The ironic part was that my husband and I were not even trying to conceive. This proved to me as an acupuncture student, that there was a science behind natural fertility.

My first pregnancy was pure bliss. I had zero morning sickness because I got weekly acupuncture, ate a balanced diet and took my natural herbs (that were gentle and safe for the baby). Around my second trimester, I remember meditating with Setareh in my womb and making a huge promise to God. That promise was that if I got through this beautiful pregnancy and was able to finish my graduate school in a timely fashion, I would dedicate the rest of my life in supporting women’s health. My fertility experience paved my life purpose in helping women find emotional peace and in becoming mothers.

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