My Natural Fertility Formula

Fast forward five years and I have been true to my promise. I am now a Licensed acupuncturist, birth doula and HypnoBirthing® instructor. I am passionate about treating women’s health in areas of natural fertility, hormone balance, pregnancy and postpartum. I LOVE empowering women during their fertility journeys and birthing. Perhaps you are wondering what I did specifically in achieving my own natural fertility and with my patients?

Here are My 8 secret tips in Naturally increasing Your Fertility:

1. Change your Diet

This is the first most important step. You are what you eat. I prescribe a Gluten AND Diary free diet for at least 3-4 months until my patients conceive.  This is crucial to your fertility diet because it eliminates any inflammatory processes of gluten or dairy in your body. Even if you have a slight sensitivity, it can deter your fertility.  Also stay away from inflammatory foods such as tomatoes, alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods and lots of unnecessary sugars.  These all cause the body to become too acidic or inflamed. Last but not least, do not eat cold foods such as iced drinks or salads. In Chinese medicine, we promote eating lots of protein for fertility and drinking room temperature fluids and  eating mostly cooked foods.

2. Get Weekly Acupuncture for 3-4 Months

Acupuncture has been proven to increase fertility by 40 percent! This is because it helps regulate your menstrual cycles, improves follicle growth, produces a thicker uterine lining and balances all hormone levels that are crucial for pregnancy. The best part about getting acupuncture for fertility is that it also helps reduce stress levels and you will feel SO relaxed after your treatment.

Getting acupuncture regularly for 3-4 months is crucial to your fertility success. It takes a few months for your body to re-calibrate and your menstrual cycles to regulate.  Once your cycles are more regular, then the focus is on improving your uterine lining to increase the implantation process.  This is a full 12-16 week process.  I have seen most of my patients get pregnant right around the end of their third month of acupuncture.

3. Natural Fertility Herbs are Essential

Taking natural Chinese or Ayurvedic herbs that are based on your exact pattern of diagnose is very important.  These herbs greatly enhance your fertility because they remedy the imbalance you may be having with your fertility.  The herbs must be taken DAILY in order to receive all the benefits to your body. Dosage varies depending on your herbal formula and the prescription given by your acupuncturist.

4. Lifestyle Changes are Key

Many women don’t see that their hectic lifestyle is contributing to their fertility issues. I prescribe my patients to reduce their stress levels at work by exercising moderately three times a week, meditating every night for 15 minutes and doing yoga about 1-2 times per week. These lifestyle changes help calm the restless mind and anxiety that many women endure during this process.

I also have them write pregnancy affirmations on what they DO see happening. This is a very powerful concept as it sets your clear intention in getting pregnant to the universe and to yourself. Read these affirmations aloud every morning and night to yourself. *Then VISUALIZE them happening now.

5. Get a Good Quality Fertility Monitor

As a fertility acupuncturist, my treatments change considerably based on the time that a woman ovulates. Finding out your high and peak fertility windows are crucial to your pregnancy success. I recommend buying the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor with the corresponding pee sticks on Amazon. It is a bit expensive but worth every single cent.

I have couples try conceiving two days before high fertility, two days during peak fertility and two days after peak ovulation. This is a total of six days to optimize your chances of getting pregnant. I have seen great results from this prediction device.

6. A Good Support System

Ladies, there is nothing like feeling alone in the process of infertility. It’s no fun that way. Therefore, I encourage everyone to join fertility support groups, mom’s groups or confide in a close family member or friend about your fertility journey. It helps to talk about it! Don’t feel embarrassed that your seeking advice. I notice that the patients that create a loving, supportive environment for themselves are getting pregnant more easily.

7. Taking it Easy and have GRATITUDE

The word easy makes some people feel uneasy! What I mean by taking it easy is that you have to slow down and enjoy the GOOD parts of your life. Even though the stress of getting pregnant can hamper your present day life when all your friends are easily getting pregnant or already have kids, it’s important to be GRATEFUL. Having gratitude is the key to inner happiness, no matter what. Once you let go of the control of getting pregnant and appreciating your current life, it helps you connect to the present reality. This in turn, helps you conceive more easily because you won’t be obsessing about it daily. Rather you will be going with the flow. This allows you to have less anxiety and feel more confident that you are taking a step in the right direction with the 6 secret tips mentioned above.

8. Energy Work

One of the most profound shifts I have seen with my patients going through the fertility process is shifting one’s belief systems around actually getting pregnant. There can be an old limiting belief system from a life experience, trauma or current life circumstance that has created an energetic block in the body.  Once this block is lifted and replaced with a more positive belief system around the idea of conceiving, miracles unfold. This type of energy work can be achieved with various healing modalities such as Reiki or Theta Healing and NLP. These are the modalities I personally choose to work with but there are so many more available with different names.

I would like to address all the women that have lost hope in conceiving and feel alone in the fertility process, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Please keep your faith and trust in the process.

I am here to encourage you to reach out and be proactive toward your fertility and overall health. I have witnessed many fertility miracles in my own practice and I truly believe in divine timing and the power of the mind and body.

Here is to your natural fertility and pregnancy! I feel very honored and blessed to serve all women in this very SACRED and beautiful time. All my Love and Pregnancy blessings to You.

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