testimonial-fertility-doctor“I was referred to Tina through a mutual friend, who thought we would get along really well, and she was right!

When I first started my treatment with Tina, I was newly pregnant and an anxious mess. I had previously experienced three miscarriages due to an undiscovered blood clotting disorder.

On our first acupuncture appointment Tina was extremely reassuring and positive, she was a breath of fresh air after my trials and tribulations. She sent me home with herbs, affirmations, and a renewed faith.

A couple of weeks after seeing Tina, my Doctor told me my pregnancy hormones were not increasing as they should be for a viable pregnancy, and I assumed the worse. I shared the information with Tina and she suggested we do some Theta healing (energy healing), to help the pregnancy but also to help me cope with whatever the outcome. During the Theta treatment, I felt a weight lift and a shift in my demeanor. Two days later, the Doctor called to let me know that my most recent blood work showed my hormone levels increased significantly, they no longer believed I was miscarrying.

I truly believe that the Theta worked a miracle that day. I have seen Tina every week for acupuncture since the time I was 4 weeks pregnant and now I am 30 weeks pregnant and am feeling so confident in my pregnancy and the health of my baby! I can honestly say that working with Tina has been a blessing. She is an amazing support system and practitioner. I couldn’t imagine my pregnancy without her.” – K. E., 26 years old



Me & Karla


Me and Karla-A Doula Birth Team in Action, She was a Rockstar!!

Baby Beckett Edmunds! Born August 16, 2014 coming

spacer“After trying to conceive for a year and half my husband and I decided to give Acupunture with Tina a shot!

For 2 months I saw Tina every week and must say I looked forward to every visit. She was always so uplifting and confident that I would get pregnant, it was contagious! I always walked out of her office glowing with hope!

I’m happy to say after two short months of seeing her, I became pregnant and she is now treating me through my pregnancy. Tina will always be my go to for acupuncture!

I can’t thank her enough!” – A.G., 25 years old


“Tina’s touch and acupuncture may have been the deciding factor in me being able to have a birth center delivery rather than a hospital induction. My baby was two weeks overdue and I had tried everything to start contractions naturally. Acupuncture was my last hope.

Although I was an acupuncture novice, she put me completely at ease. She was super supportive and caring and kept me from worrying about what might or might not happen (and the needles didn’t even hurt). Most of all I could feel the LOVE that Tina has for her work and for helping women in their hour of need.

Thank you so much Tina. You really helped me have a great birth experience and I am so grateful!” – Kathy and Baby Wren

spacer“I have had the pleasure of working with Tina in the context of caring for women during the labor and birthing process. Her professionalism and empathy for her clients has always amazed both myself and the families receiving her care.

Willing to go above and beyond, Tina incorporates healing energy work into her acupuncture treatments which only serves to enhance the effectiveness of the work she does, and enriches the client experience that much more.

As a birth professional, I am so happy that Tina is well versed in working with pregnant and laboring mothers to help welcome their little ones into the world in a calm, peaceful and healthy manner.” – Andrea Dorwart Crane, RN, CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife)

spacer“After months of trying to get pregnant with my second child with a fertility doctor, we were still unsuccessful. I was getting stressed out and putting my body through crazy shock with all the supplemental hormones.

So, I decided after my third unsuccessful artificial insemination to try acupuncture in order to help me relax and get my body and mind on the same page. I needed a break. That is where I met Tina Singh. I had shared my experiences with her and felt an immediate connection and understanding. That alone, helped me relax.

She helped me balance my body and hormones with weekly acupuncture, some herbs, an extensive treatment plan, and reminded me to nourish my body and mind. Just even after my first visit, I felt more back to myself. With every visit, I was happier and felt in tune with “me”.

Tina was so easy to talk with and always had the most positive way of insightfully treating me and giving me a plan of action. She was always very professional in every visit. I followed my treatment plan for the next month with her and then as we got closer to my time to conceive, she did her magic. Before I knew it, I was pregnant! We are expecting our second baby girl in September and we couldn’t be happier.” – Stephanie Hustler, 41 years old

spacer“My treatments with Tina have been a true gift of support and healing during my pregnancy and postpartum.

I came to Tina with a horrible yeast infection in my first trimester of pregnancy. She did one long session of acupuncture and Reiki energy healing. By the end of the session, I was amazed that I felt about 50% better for the first time in weeks.

The next morning I felt so great I took my dog for a hike and then took the probiotics she recommended. I was perfect again for the rest of my pregnancy.

I saw her each week during my pregnancy and she helped me rest and feel peaceful and loved. During postpartum, she helped me with everything from emotions to deep sleep, muscle spasms and recovery from c-section, to even lactation. After she did lactation points my milk supply increased 30-40%! I recommend Tina’s caring treatment to any woman.” – A.S., 41 years old

spacer“I have quite the history with pregnancy loss and early delivery with my son. Tina was my birth doula and was able to help me remove the blocks and negativity I had associated with my first pregnancy through our theta sessions. I was given daily affirmations to recite and even mantras of protection for my baby and me. I was very grateful she was able to help me enjoy this pregnancy more.

During labor, my baby was “sunny side up” (facing up instead of down) which causes extreme back pain. Tina was able to use acupuncture and her healing touch to take that pain away. I felt very comforted by having her there with me for my second birth.” – J.C. RN, 36 years old

spacer“Tina has been treating me since October 2013 for chronic back pain that did not respond very well to other treatments. She has also worked on my hormones to help get them balanced. Her work was very comprehensive and effective and it’s amazing how much better and relaxed I feel after my treatments with her.

Tina is very methodical in her questions and pinpointing the areas that cause me the most trouble. She is very personable and caring in her treatments. Tina is quite flexible with scheduling appointments and very accommodating. She always follows up with a call to see how you are feeling. She has made my sessions a wonderful experience for me and I always look forward to seeing her at my next treatment.

I feel blessed to know Tina. My experience with my treatments are always a positive one and I feel better overall!”– N.M., 60 years old